For us to discuss issues, but primarily to draft documents to orient incoming students and to guide all students through their professional development and program progress.

Tuesday, August 12, 2003

It works 

Hey rosemary

It works!!! Let's start brainstorming!

Had the first meeting with Bill, Howard and Ue-Li. I gave them our suggestions for what we think should happen for the orientation week. I'll post our GASA suggestions later so we can work on it!

preethi :)

Tuesday, June 17, 2003

A couple links to give us some helpful ideas! 

UCSC's FAQ for incoming astro grad students
Pat Hall's career resources list

There used to be a page of good advice under the account name "neal" at the ucolick website, but that's gone now...


Welcome to the GASA Blog 

Coming out of the meeting today, I have the impression that there is a lot of energy and experience among us that could be harnessed to develop orientation materials for new students and guidelines for a student's progress through the program.

I envision us coming up with some concrete documents, for example:

general info on administrative things that need to happen at the beginning - what is ROSI, what banks are convenient to campus, where to look for an apartment, what the International Student Centre can help with if you're an international student, general TAing practice...etc.

coursework, research, qualifiers, meetings with committee, G2000s

going to conferences/networking, writing proposals, when to publish what, joining professional organizations, applying for scholarships(?), getting what you need from your supervisor and committee.

I suggest that we can take this discussion on-line to a bulletin-board-type system where everyone can post and see other's posts all at once, and not have a discussion clog our inboxes. Also, you could participate as much or as little as you wanted. This would also facilitate linking to drafted documents.

I have set up a "blog" at gasa.blogspot.com, and I will be posting this message there. I am thinking of signing everyone on GASA up as an invited "team" member with the blog. You will get an email from the website with a link to join the team. Let me know if you would not like to receive an invitation. I will send out invitations tomorrow night, ok? And if you want to be invited earlier and start at it right away, let me know!


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